In Anita Kewlani’s words

Anita Kewlani 
Owner and  founder of Ezealous and its division Weboarty.

Completing 15 years of eZealous has given sense of great pride and satisfaction.  It has touched the lives of so many people and their businesses.  It has flourished them and has made them even more successful.  The friendship that is created is immeasurable.

The quality of material that is created is our utmost important.   The work should portray professionalism, character and should stand out amongst the best projects by industry. So far we have completed 251  graphics projects,  493 websites, and we have over 500 happy clients.

The success for this credit goes not just to my passion towards learning new technology but also consistency and Strong ethical values and principles that are my very core of existence and are my hereditary assets. You could say this is the cause of success or the pillar of success. I am happy to make Ezealous the most stable entity in web industry.

I always used to say I have a “Long way to go” and now I am saying  “I have come long way and I want to sustain the satisfaction while going ahead”

We are super excited that in the next 10 years, this company will reach even greater heights and will reach new milestones.

Thank you.